World Champion confirms, and other VIP’s for EtB

Confirmed Today: World Champion Masters Marathoner, and returning 50km Grizzly Champion Tony Torres has confirmed, he’ll be racing the 30km…start time of 8am Saturday.

Perhaps the most successful and charismatic ultra distance triathlete to walk the earth, Suzy Degazon will make an appearance and be lining up for the  Grizzly, the 50km of EtB (7 am start.). If you are lucky to get a glimse of Suzy, you’ll catch her in Hammer kit and sporting Brooks, Fuel Belt, Polar and Rudy Project.

Mexican born, and Big Bear resident, World Masters Athletic Championship medalist Rosalva Bonilla is confirmed! Recently back from scoring amazing results at the blazing hot world championships in Sacramento, Rosalva will line up with the other dragsters to have a go at the 15km of EtB. She’s also sporting: POLAR, Rudy Project and Brooks.

New Big Bear Transplant- Kurt Madden, three-time top ten finisher at the Ironman Triathlon, two-time winner of the Ultraman Triathlon, two-time top 10 finisher at the Leadville 100 Mile Trail Run, and a USA Track and Field 24 Hour National Champion.

Mt Everest World Record Holder, Jordan Romero , age 15, will attempt to complete his second Conquer the Bear. in the 30km

The race of the day is the 3 way chase for the champion of Conquer the Bear, between Jesse Haynes, Ted Devito, and Matt Smith. The winner will split $1000 with the champion of the ladies race, with Heather Devito leading Cathleen Caulkins and Rachel Grist by a fair margin. But anything is possible in this race,  hint hint:)

Conquer the Cub…has an exciting race with Jimmy Johnson and Dave Baumgartner separated by just 2 minutes after the 3 races, Snow Shoe, MTB, and Kayak…THIS should be interesting to watch. Go hard guys.  In the women’s race Janet Maxwell leads the field over Michelle Russell who holds 2nd place despite competing in the long course of the Snowshoe event back in February.  Down-the-hill favorite and the better half of Cub leader Jimmy Johnson, Brandi Johnson holds onto 3rd place.

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Trail Run in Big Bear Lake - 30k, 15k, and a 5k family trail run.
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